What paint to use to cover up water stains?

To cover water stains, apply an anti-stain primer to affected areas. Both Kilz and Zinsser offer ceiling paints for this purpose. Kilz has a product called Upshot, which is a spray ceiling paint designed to match an aged white ceiling. The Zinsser 123 Plus is a water-based acrylic, making it easy to clean brushes.

Kilz Restoration (formerly Kilz MAX) is a water-based latex primer with a low content of volatile organic compounds, making it easy to clean brushes again. This primer is said to block stains and odors as much as possible. To properly cover and protect your ceiling paint, you should choose an oil-based primer, which blocks stains and is resistant to mold. It has to be oil-based so that water cannot seep through the ceiling because the oil is insoluble in water.

In this post, I'll explain how to check for water damage before painting the ceiling, what paints you can use, how to paint the ceiling, and even how to remove water stains WITHOUT painting. Zinsser's Bulls Eye 123 primer sealant is also appreciated by many because it can cover and block water stains and seals MDF. For tips on how to fix water stains on ceilings with popcorn, see How to fix water stains on roof leaks and scroll to the bottom. Blocking and sealing the water stain only means that the stain cannot be stained with the primer or top coat.

We remind you once again that before handling the water stain on your ceiling damaged by paint, you must first repair the leak that caused it. Knowing what is the best product to dye a damaged roof can be useful when you have another mishap. Painting over water stains (once water damage has been mitigated) can be a complex project that requires many steps to achieve the desired results. If the bleach trick doesn't work for you, I have all the steps on how to paint over water stains and a step-by-step video below.

Regardless of the cause of the water damage, the result is a small or large stain on the ceiling and, perhaps, some secondary problems, such as bubbles and cracks. Zinsser also has an aerosol product that is perfect for water stains on the ceiling, and it's called Zinsser Primer Stain Killer Aerosol. This primer can block dark water stains on ceilings and walls, grease, oil, ink, rust, smoke, graffiti, markers, crayons, knots, pet smells and more. In addition to identifying and repairing the source of the water damage, you'll have to wait for the drywall to dry completely before attempting to repair it.

While these brown stains can make your house look worse than you want, you have no shortage of options to remove and cover the stains.

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