Will a one time leak cause mold?

Something as simple as a leaking faucet going unnoticed for months can cause a leak. And while you might not think that a miserable single water leak in your home could jeopardize that safety, the facts say otherwise. In the presence of excess moisture, often as a result of a water leak, mold can begin to proliferate indoors on surfaces such as drywall, plywood and tile. While it's essential to take seriously the threat of mold after a one-time water leak, all hope is not lost.

With a little proactive thinking and quick action, you can prevent mold growth in your home after a single water leak. In times of catastrophic events where many policyholders suffer water damage, they may take a while to respond. Even being around mold for a short period of time can cause serious health problems for some people. Many varieties, including molds that grow due to water leaks in your home, can have hazardous health effects.

Any water leak carries the risk of mold growth, but that doesn't necessarily mean mold growth is safe.

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